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Components of the Taste Tower.


Taste Tower

There is a king and a queen character on the Taste Tower: your child chooses what he/she prefers to become and climbs upwards, with the chosen food, along that side of the Taste Tower.


As soon as your child tries his/her first bite of a chosen food, he/she places this sticker at the top of the Taste Tower (on the dark green zone) and he/she puts his/her crown on. Your child is now the taste king/queen of that chosen food. Congratulations to both you and your child!


2 sheets of stickers with 18 types of vegetables, 2 sheets of stickers with 18 types of fruits, 1 empty sheet for 8 extra challenges and personalisation of his/her king/queen. These stickers are removable.

Reward cards

20 reward cards to cut. Think about some nice rewards in advance for when your child tries the chosen food for the very first time. Draw the rewards on these cards. E.g. a swimsuit to go swimming as a reward, or a swing to go to the playground together as a reward. Setting up the crown can be sufficient as a reward. It depends on your child’s character. Rewarding with sweet dessert or candy is not recommended.

Stickers for the game expansion

10 sheets of small stickers containing 640 small and colourful stickers. When your child becomes king/queen of taste of a particular food, you can go to the next level of the game (when tasting becomes liking). Keep on offering the chosen food and each time it is eaten, your child picks out a little sticker (e.g. the red heart) and sticks it with the chosen food (e.g. the kiwi). This makes the crown particularly beautiful and your taste king/queen even more proud!

Colouring page

Your child can colour this Taste Tower colouring page in his/her favourite colours!

Reward box

This box contains two compartments: one at the bottom to store all game material and one at the upper side to store the rewards you have chosen. If you want, you can even put extra small toys in it. Your child may pick out a card from the reward box at the moment he/she tries the chosen food for the first time. He/she becomes the taste king/queen of the chosen food! Congrats!