“On this page you will find tips on positive parenting and how you can encourage your child to taste new things.

Knuffel voor etenstijd

Hug before mealtime

Do you have a difficult eater? Give your sweetheart a big hug before diner and say: “Enjoy your meal!”

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Monkey Platter

A “monkey platter” is finger food for children! A large portion of colourful fruit or vegetables, ideal to offer your hungry child after a school day.

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Counting fruits and vegetables

Naming colours? Learning how to count at school? What is the meaning of ‘bigger than’ or ‘less than’? Everything can be practiced by means of fruits or vegetables.

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The morning rush hour

That morning rush hour again? Here you have 3 tips to save time…

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What are we eating tonight?

Questions are great, but only if you know the answer 🙂 Make a menu for the week on a Sunday.

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Eat breakfast like a king

Nothing but the truth! Your child’s stomach is empty in the morning and requires fuel for the day.

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Avoid commands

If you would like to receive some help, use the “I”-message.

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Table tent

Do you have old sheets? Turn your dining table into a “table tent”!

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